7 Oct 2022

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Temporary Framework Ukraine : Member States consulted on extension and amendments

The Member States are being consulted by the Commission with a view to extending and amending the State Aid Temporary Crisis Framework adopted on 23 March 2022 in the context of the war in Ukraine and first amended on 20 July.

As a reminder, this Framework sets out the criteria to enable Member States to support their economies in a proportionate way during this crisis, particularly in view of its impact on energy.

The proposed amendments include : (i) a prolongation of the Framework, (ii) a proportionate increase in the aid ceilings for companies in all sectors affected by the crisis, (iii) a targeted adjustment to facilitate access to liquidity support for companies in the energy sector, (iv) a simplification of the criteria for supporting companies affected by the increase in energy prices, (v) a clarification of the criteria applied by the Commission in assessing recapitalisation measures, and finally (vi) the addition of measures to support the reduction of electricity demand.

Based on the experience of the first state aid measures approved, Member States now have the possibility to comment on the draft proposed by the Commission.

For further information : Commission’s press release