1 Aug 2022

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Amendment to the “Temporary Crisis Framework – Ukraine” includes REPowerEU plan objectives

On 20 July, the Commission adopted an amendment to the State aid Temporary Crisis Framework initially adopted on 23 March in order to support the economy within the Union in the context of the crisis in Ukraine.

This amendment extends the existing measures and introduces two new measures in line with the objectives of the new REPowerEU plan, which may be granted until 30 June 2023.

The first new measure aims to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy. It allows Member States to set up investment schemes for renewable energies and in particular for renewable hydrogen, biomethane or any other specific technology requiring support in view of the particular national energy mix.

The second new measure aims to facilitate the decarbonisation of industrial processes. To this end, Member States will be able to support investments aimed at phasing out fossil fuels, particularly those from Russia. Support will be provided either through public procurement or directly to projects within certain intervention limits. This second measure also provides for specific top-up bonuses for SMEs and for particularly energy efficient solutions.

This amendment also clarifies the conditions under which Member States may grant aid to cover the recent increase in electricity and gas costs and complements the Winter Preparedness Package.

For further information : Commission’s press release