12 Dec 2022

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The revised Broadband Guidelines are adopted

On 12 December 2022, the Commission has adopted a revised Communication on state aid for broadband networks (the “Broadband Guidelines”), which sets out the rules under which the Commission will assess state aid measures notified by Member States to support the deployment and take-up of broadband networks in the Union.

In particular, the revised Guidelines: (i) align the threshold for public support to fixed networks with the latest technological and market developments, (ii) introduce a new assessment framework for the deployment of mobile networks including 5G, and (iii) explain how public support can be used to incentivise the take-up of broadband services through the use of social or connectivity vouchers. The Broadband Guidelines are also intended to clarify and provide further guidance on certain key concepts such as mapping or public consultations.

The new Guidelines will enter into force the day following their publication in the Official Journal of the EU, which is expected in January 2023.

For further information : Press release