2 Dec 2022

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Semiconductors : The Council adopts its position on the Chips Act

On 1st December 2022, the Council adopted its position on the Chips Act, a proposed regulation establishing a framework of measures to reduce the EU’s vulnerabilities and dependencies and tostrengthen its semiconductor ecosystem, essential for a wide range of technological and digital products.

In particular, the Council clarified the rules for the European Chips Infrastructure Consortium, which is the legal entity that is expected to implement the actions financed under the “Chips for Europe” initiative.

Furthermore, the Council proposed various clarifications including the definition of a “first-of-a-kind” semiconductor manufacturing facility and the requirements to be met by Integrated Production Facilities and Open EU Foundries.

Negotiations with the European Parliament will now start as soon as the Parliament adopts its position on the Chips Act.

For further information : Press release