19 Oct 2022

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New state aid Framework for State aid for research, development and innovation

The Commission has adopted today the new Framework for State aid for research and development and innovation (2022 RDI Framework). The new rules are applicable as from 19 October 2022.

The revised Framework sets out the conditions for the state support for RDI activities to be compatible with the state aid rules. It aims at simplifying the applicable rules and takes into account regulatory, economic and technological developments, adapting the relevant rules to the strategic objectives of the Union regarding the green and digital transitions.

The main three adjustments introduced with the new guidelines:

- An update of the existing definitions of research and innovation activities eligible for support under the RDI Framework, in particular as regards digital technologies.

- The possibility to support testing and experimentation infrastructures with the aim of deploying cutting-edge and transformative technologies and facilitating the green and digital transitions of the European economy, while contributing to the new EU innovation agenda.

- The simplification of certain rules, intended to facilitate the practical application of the Framework as well as to reduce the administrative burden for companies and public authorities (introduction of a simplified mechanism for determining the indirect costs of R&D projects, etc.).

The Framework incorporates appropriate measures according to which the Commission proposes that Member States amend, where necessary, their existing R&D&I aid schemes to ensure compliance with this framework no later than 6 months as of the entry into force of this Framework. Member States are invited to give their explicit unconditional agreement to the appropriate measures within two months from the date of publication of the framework in the Official Journal of the European Union.