State Aid Lawyers

Clayton & Segura is a Brussels-based law firm specialised in EU and EEA law with special focus on the field of state aid. Its partners have worked for more than ten years on state aid matters both at the European Commission and the EFTA Surveillance Authority, the institution in charge of implementing the EEA Agreement as well as at leading international law firms.

The Clayton & Segura practice brings together expertise on regulatory processes, the knowledge of the EU and the EEA legal framework, and a strong commitment to its clients and a deep understanding of their needs.

It has first-hand knowledge of the decision-making process and a wide network of contacts within the European institutions, in particular, the European Commission and the EFTA Surveillance Authority. This combination of expertise both in EEA law and EU law together with the contact network make Clayton & Segura‚Äôs position unique on the Brussels market.

The firm is able to offer expert advice in every branch of state aid (R&D&I, environment, utilities...). Examples of our work involve: assisting a client in a open investigation regarding the grant of alleged incompatible state aid in the sector of power intensive industries, assisting the European Commission in several actions for annulment of a state aid decision at the General Court, legal advice regarding sgei and social housing, lodging a complaint at the European Commission (DG Comp and DG Move) againts taxation in the transport sector, advice regarding a complaint on public investment into a state owned undertaking in the sector of telecommunications, legal advice regarding the state aid aspects of power purchase agreements, assisting a Member State in notifying an investment agreement entailing a package of aid measures, submitting observations on behalf of clients in response to invitations for comments by the EFTA Surveillance Authority in state aid investigations, advising clients following complaints submitted before the European Commission, providing advice relating to the grant of state guarantees as well as to the application of the Market Economy Operator Principle. Following the reform of the structural funds rules, we have also been working with partners at national leval and provided advice regarding ex ante assessment under Article 37.2 CPR 1303/2013.

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  • The firm

    Clayton & Segura is a boutique law firm focused on state aid. Why another law firm in Brussels?

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  • The clients

    Clayton & Segura offers specialised state aid advice to public authorities, companies and law firms.

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    Clayton & Segura are state aid expert lawyers offering highly specialised services.

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