13 May 2022

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Commission will phase out State aid COVID Temporary Framework

The Commission adopted a Temporary State Aid Framework following the serious disturbance in the economy caused by the COVID-19 health crisis with the aim of acting quickly and effectively in favour of affected companies by granting proportionate support.

This Framework will be phased out as announced by the Commission on 12 May. For the majority of the tools it provides, the Framework will not be extended beyond its current expiry date of 30 June 2022.

As regards the existing phase-out and transition plan, as announced by the Commission last November, Member States will retain the possibility of providing specific measures to support investment until 31 December 2022 or to support solvency until 31 December 2023, these two tools being essential to the recovery of the economy.

The Commission has however indicated that this will be done gradually in order to ensure that  affected companies are not suddenly deprived of the support they need.