17 Nov 2022

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Proposal for the revision of the Regulation on de minimis aid

The Commission has approved a draft de minimis Regulation, which is intended to replace the de minimis Regulation 1407/2013 due to expire on 31 December 2023. The de minimis Regulation exempts small amounts of aid from state aid control as they are deemed to have no impact on competition and trade in the EU internal market.

The total amount of de minimis aid granted to a single undertaking is increased from EUR 200 000 to EUR 275 000 over a period of three fiscal years, to reflect the inflation observed since the entry into force of the current de minimis Regulation. The ceiling for aid comprised in loans, aid comprised in guarantees and aids for undertakings performing road freight transport is also adapted.

Additionally, the Commission wishes to strengthen the transparency requirements by introducing a mandatory register of beneficiaries, which is intended to reduce the administrative burden for companies who currently use a self-declaration system.

The draft is now subject to public consultation, where all interested parties are invited to contribute and comment on the proposed changes.

For further information : See Public Consultation