16 Dec 2022

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New revised rules for agriculture and forestry

On 14 December 2022, the Commission has adopted a new revised block exemption regulation regarding the grant of state aid for the agricultural and forestry sectors (“ABER”).  Under the revised ABER, specific categories of aid can be declared compatible with EU State aid rules and exempt from the requirement of prior notification to and approval by the Commission, provided that they fulfil certain conditions. The new ABER rules include, inter alia, the introduction of new categories of block-exempted measures, as well as a new ceiling for European Innovation Partnership Operational Group projects aimed at innovations in the farming sector and in rural areas.

In addition, the Commission has adopted new Guidelines for state aid to the agricultural and forestry sectors and in rural areas (“Agriculture Guidelines”).

The revised Agriculture Guidelines introduce a new simplified state aid authorisation procedure for measures co-financed under the Common Agricultural Policy (“CAP”), as well as new incentives for farmers to commit to schemes under which they respect stricter environmental standards than what is required by law.

The revised ABER, as well as the Agricultural Guidelines, will apply as of 1st January 2023.

For further information : Commission’s Press release