Clayton & Segura provides specialised state aid advice to undertakings in all economic sectors. It covers general advice related to any state aid issue, filing of complaints against the grant of aid to competitors and defence of the interests of undertakings having benefited from state aid.

Clayton & Segura provides specialised state aid advice rarely available to small and medium-sized companies.

We offer:

  • Straight-forward, prompt and all-embracing advice for any state aid issue with pragmatic and realistic solutions without undue expectations;
  • Drafting and filing of complaints at the European Commission, the EFTA Surveillance Authority and national authorities regarding aid granted to competitors;
  • Flexible advice for any state aid question in order to meet time constraints and business pressure.

As former lawyers of leading international firms with an inside knowledge of the Commission and the EFTA Surveillance Authority, Clayton & Segura is ideally placed to serve its clients’ interests.

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    Clayton & Segura brings together expertise on regulatory processes with a deep understanding of its clients' needs.

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    We are a boutique law firm focused on state aid. Why another law firm in Brussels?

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    Clayton & Segura are state aid expert lawyers offering highly specialised services.

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