Publications and events


  • Brexit: a turmoil both for the EU and the EEA?, Creobis - Business Information and Seminars July 2016

  • Case T-319/12 and T-321/12 Ciudad de la luz v Commission, Public investment in a cinema studio and state aid rules: the last showing, EStAL 1/2016

  • The notion of state aid resources: so near and yet so far, EStAL 2/2015

  • Case C-522/13 Ministerio de Defensa, Navantia SA v Concello de Ferrol - Not just another ruling on the definition of state aid in Article 107 TFEU but on enforcement of state aid law by national courts: how victory belongs to the most persevering, EStAL 1/2015

  • The holy grail of establishing the market value of publicly owned properties; Annotation on the judgment of the EFTA Court of 22 July 2013 in Case E-9/12, EStAL 2/2014

  • New European rules on regional aid: what's in it for SMEs?, in Entreprendre - Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry 09/2013

  • State Aid Modernisation: another reform?, in ERA Forum 1/2013

  • Is locus standi of competitors the "Alpe d'Huez" of the State Aid Procedures Tour?; Annotation on the Judgment of the General Court of 28 March 2012 in Case T-123/09 Ryanair v Commission, in EStAL 1/2013


  • June 2016 - State aid in the field of energy: challenges - State aid in the management of European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) - DG Regio & DG Competition, Brussels (Belgium)
  • March 2016 - State Aid: looking back on 2015 and looking forward - State Aid Forum, Oslo (Norway)
  • March 2016 - New state aid rules for energy and environmental projects - EU Funding for Energy 2016 Financing Energy Projects in Europe and Beyond, European Tax Academy, Berlin (Germany) 
  • January 2016 - Application of the state aid rules in the area of ESIF, Orléans (France)

  • August 2015 - Cost calculation for the compensation of sgei - State Aid & SGEI in Health Care, Social Services and Infrastructure, European Tax Academy, Berlin (Germany)
  • August 2015 - New State Aid Rules for Energy and Environmental Projects - EU Funding for Energy 2015, European Tax Academy, Berlin (Germany)

  • June 2015 - State aid and SGEI, IFE Benelux, Brussels (Belgium) 

  • May 2015 - Landmark state aid cases in the energy sector, Energy Community Workshop on State Aid in the Energy Sector, Energy Community Secretariat, Vienna (Austria)

  • March 2015 - How to comply with the public procurement requirements of the SGEI package, Training on State aid and SGEI - Lexxion, Brussels (Belgium)

  • February 2015 - Energy Saving Measures, case study, State aid for environmental and energy projects, European Tax Academy, Berlin (Germany)

  • February 2015 - Diversification of real estate transactions: how to comply with the state aid rules, Meeting Public Service Housing Companies, Namur (Belgium)

  • June 2014 - Modernisation of the state aid rules: how to ensure compliance from 1st July 2014?, IFE Benelux, Brussels (Belgium) 

  • May 2014 - The notion of aid; State Aid and ESIF in Programming Period 2014-2020, Ministry for Development and Competitiveness, Hellenic Presidency of the European Council, Athens (Greece)

  • May 2014 - The new framework on Services of General Economic Interest; State Aid and ESIF in Programming Period 2014-2020, Ministry for Development and Competitiveness, Hellenic Presidency of the European Council, Athens (Greece)

  • November 2013 - New EU policy for regional aid: impact for SMEs; European Week of SMEs, Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry, Brussels (Belgium)

  • November 2013 - Håndhevelsen av EØS-retten – ESA og EFTA-domstolens rolle / Enforcement of EEA law - the EFTA Surveillance Authority and the Court's role; Oslo Region European Office, Brussels (Belgium)

  • September 2013 - State Aid: What you always wanted to know - a practitioners' guide; Faculty of Law, University of Iceland, Reykjavik (Iceland)

  • November 2012 - Using State Aid for Environmental Protection and Energy Projects – national and EU Funding in Focus; The European Academy for Taxes, Economics & Law, Berlin (Germany)

  • October 2012 - Annual Conference on European State Aid Law 2012; ERA Trier (Germany)

  • September 2012 - Competition and Public Procurement Law Challenges in the Health Care Sector; University of Bergen (Norway)

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